Bobcat S450

Bobcat S450

Bobcat S450 has expanded its range of M-Series skid-steer loaders with the launch of the new S450, a loader that offers operators greater comfort and performance, and is less than one and a half meters wide for working on job sites. narrow.

As part of the M Series lineup, the Bobcat S450 has the widest cab door opening on the market for easy operator entry and exit. The forward cab design of the loader brings the operator closer to the implement and provides unmatched visibility in all directions. Other visibility improvements include larger rear and side windows to provide better visibility to the tires and rear of the machine.

The S450 joins the M Series skid steer loader line, which includes the S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S630, S650, S750, S770 and S850 skid steer loaders. All M-Series loaders share features such as improved power and performance, good all-round visibility, and excellent operator comfort.

With a spacious cab, a 20% increase in auxiliary hydraulic pressures, and an engine without a diesel particulate filter (no DPF), the 49-horsepower S450 replaces the S130 K-Series skid-steer loader. The 1.8 engine liters of the S450 features a non-DPF engine solution. The Tier 4 solution without DPF was achieved by designing an ultra-low particle combustion engine (ULPC). A specially designed engine combustion chamber significantly reduces the amount of particulate matter. Therefore, Tier 4 emissions compliance can be achieved without using a DPF. In addition to eliminating the need for a DPF, the new engine used in the S450 loader has increased torque. This increased torque occurs over a wide range of engine revolutions, allowing operators of all skill levels to better utilize the machines’ peak performance.

Bobcat S450 1

The Bobcat S450, which has a radius lift path, has an operating capacity of 1,300 pounds, an auxiliary hydraulic flow rate of 16.7 gpm and an auxiliary hydraulic pressure of 3,300 psi, which is a 22% increase in the performance of the engine. implement. The lift height to the hinge pin is 9 feet 2 inches, and the machine weighs 5,027 pounds. The length with a standard bucket is 124.9 inches and the width with a bucket is 62 inches. The S450 also has an optional two-speed transmission with a top speed of 6.5 mph in low and 9.2 mph in high when equipped with optional selectable joystick controls. The hydraulic filter lasts up to 1,000 hours, which is 500 hours longer than its predecessor.

The Bobcat S450 includes machine shutdown protection as standard, and the system monitors coolant and oil temperatures, managing the engine to prevent the shutdown point from being reached. Cold protection limits the maximum engine speed to prevent premature component wear or breakdown. To reach operating temperature more quickly, the engine idle speed is raised slightly.

Bobcat S450

Bobcat S450 2

Options for the skid steer and skid steer loader include air conditioning, keyless start and an optional deluxe instrument panel that monitors key loader functions, such as fuel consumption.

The new Bobcat S450 can be fitted with the Versatile Duty tire option, with a bi-directional design for use on most common mixed surfaces, significantly improving its life. Solid Flex industrial tires are also available as an option and are designed for heavy wear applications that have an increased risk of punctures.

The hydraulically actuated SmartFAN cooling system draws in clean air from above and directs it out through the side vents. Other improvements include a rear bumper that extends beyond the tailgate to protect the machine from obstacles.

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I wasn’t sure if Bobcat S450 was going to suit my needs, but I was impressed. This tractor has a very intuitive design. I find that everything I do with the machine is much easier than any other machine I have owned before. Traction is excellent and reliability is wonderful. If anyone wants a comfortable tractor that can take a beating, this is it.

Performance Bobcat S450 machine in excellent condition. It has only installed two hub accessories as the original comes with the hammer, which performed very well to have the turbo charger. It gives the necessary power for optimal performance. Manual likes good)

Obviously, with 10 hours on it, we’ve just started exploring the capabilities of Bobcat S450, but it does everything I want, and my wife finds it easy to use, too. We’ve spent on the heated and air-conditioned cabin, but with hay and dust allergies it’s really helpful.

So far it has been a great tractor, I have 140 hours and I have not had any problems. We mainly use it for mowing our pecan forest and we have moved a lot of dirt with the front loader, it is a bit light at the rear and we had to use ballast at three points.

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