Bobcat S450 Error Code M0514

Bobcat S450 Error Code M0514 Problems

Bobcat S450 Error Code M0514 Skid Steer 2015, moving land when the hydraulic pump began to scream, the M0514 fault code was shown (extremely low hydraulic load pressure), the bucket stopped moving, the unit entered into shutdown mode, continuous tone until turn off the motor. I released the hydraulic pressure using the bypass valve under the seat, deleted the fault codes, returned the engine again to see if it went back to the garage, but it did not move.

It seems that the loading pump or the main pump has been broken. I recommend not booting the machine until the problem is resolved, since the operation with a bad pump can contaminate the hydraulic circuit and cause many more damage and expenses.

To solve the problem I recommend taking a fluid sample and see if there is visible metal in the oil. If it seems that it is okay, send a sample to analyze it and have a better idea of ​​what is happening. Depending on what you find (ie, brass or copper, for example) you can indicate whether the pump is wrong or not.

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