Bobcat S450 Runs But Won’t Move

Bobcat S450 Runs But Wont Move Problems

I have bought a Bobcat S450 for my nephew. The engine starts and runs fine. I just can’t get the cube to go up and down, and I can’t drive it either. I have removed the solenoid (in front of the seat) and clamped the pin with clamps. I can drive it like this, but I still can’t move the cube. I wonder if there is some kind of interlock that I am missing. It appears to be an electrical problem, but I’m not sure. This is my first bobcat. Thanks.

When I lower the seat bar on my S450 it clicks and then I can’t move it until I click the “green” button, then it sounds like it’s unlocked and then it’s operational.

I’m not sure if your model has a BIC unlock button (green button) Sounds like the seat bar is not tripping a switch that releases or activates the BIC.

I didn’t have any lights on the BIC box so I started looking for a fuse. I found the blown 10 amp fuse and replaced it. That was it. Everything seems to work now. I also had a burned out hydraulic hose, but I replaced it.

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